In a new 'Teachables' video series, TEACH Magazine explores the history of the graphic novel, the nuts and bolts of creating a graphic novel and finally, how to teach the graphic novel in a classroom setting.


Part 1: The Making Of A Graphic Novel

Part 2: Steps In Producing A Graphic Novel

Part 3: Graphic Novel Recommendations

Part 4: Why TEACH Graphic Novels In The Classroom?

Part 5: Graphic Novel Strategies To Use In The Classroom

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Follow the journey that a group of grade eight students take as they work with a professional photographer and learn how to take conventional photography into new, innovative territory over a series of workshops. Hear from the students, their teacher and the professional photographer who guides them.


Rethinking Photography Workshop (Part 1)

Rethinking Photography Workshop (Part 2)

Rethinking Photography Workshop (Part 3)